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What is the Top-500 Report?

  • Identifies the Top-500 companies specific to the UK’s large-scale (>250kW) ground-mount solar sector
  • Includes all key stakeholders, from original greenfield developers and planners to EPCs, sub-contractors, component suppliers, ICPs, PPA off-takers and asset owners
  • Provides website, address, email and phone details for all companies
  • Allocates each of the Top-500 companies into which parts of the industry they participate in, e.g. development, planning, site acquisition, supply, etc.
  • Identifies level of importance for each company, from tier group 1 (leading player) to tier group 5 (limited market coverage)

What will I see in the report?

Example screen of the data.

If you are looking to get into the UK solar market, the Top-500 gives you the perfect starting-point, with everyone you need to contact and their level of importance.

To increase your market share, you can find out which customers or suppliers you are missing out on doing business with.

As a benchmarking tool, the report will show you how well your competitors are doing, relative to your own company’s tier group ranking.

If your in-house sales databases are old and not updated, the Top-500 report will instantly get you reconnected with the UK solar industry’s key players.

Example screen of the data.
Example screen of the data.

The Top-500 database forms the perfect companion to forthcoming UK reports from Solar Media, and in scheduling your time at Solar Media’s Solar Energy UK event this October in Birmingham, UK.

Why Now?

  • The UK is currently the most important solar market in Europe, with a growing pipeline of opportunities set for 2015/2016 deployment
  • The UK solar market is being driven today by large-scale ground-mount solar farms
  • Most solar farms are now sub-5MW, meaning that more sites, developers and suppliers are active in the industry
  • Many new companies have entered the UK solar market in the past 12 months, making it much harder to track prospective customers and suppliers
  • The 1.3 ROC incentive level expires on 31 March 2016, leaving less than 10 months to get connected with the right business partners, ahead of 1.2 ROC levels
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Top-500 Report FAQs

Why did you choose 500 companies; is this not too many?

The list spans the whole value-chain and includes for example planners, ICPs, sub-contractors, not just developers, EPCs, suppliers and site owners.

Where does the list come from?

Solar Media has been gathering UK solar intelligence since the market started. We know almost every company through engaging with them at Solar Media’s UK events, conferences, workshops, market surveys and media activities.

Is it just a directory of company names, what else do I get when I buy the report?

The companies are mapped out into their place in the value-chain, with many having multiple roles as developers, EPCs, site owners, etc. Also, each company’s role across the value-chain is ranked in terms of importance, from 1 (key player) to 5 (limited activity in market).

How current is the list?

Inputs are right up-to-date, including companies that attended Solar Media’s UK based events in the past few months and those planning to attend our Solar Energy UK exhibition later this year.

How important is it to know the lower tier players; are the top 10 not the main ones?

The UK ground-mount sector has become extremely fragmented, with many new companies now growing market-share, having adjusted their strategies to focus on the UK in the past 12 months.

Is there any way of working out which companies do business with one another, in terms of developing sites, supplying components or acquiring assets?

We are currently working on different reports to cover this. These reports will complement the Top-500 report and work together to get the best results. More details will be available shortly.

How and when will I receive my report?

You will receive a link in your purchase confirmation email to access and download the report in an Excel spreadsheet for up to 10 days before it expires. Note no part of the Report may be reproduced, distributed or communicated to any other party without the express prior written consent of Solar Media Limited – for full Copyright & Disclaimer information go here.

Will the list show me exactly which number my company is ranked in the different categories?

We have specifically grouped companies into similar Tier group rankings from 1 to 5. With the market moving so quickly, companies can quickly change rankings just by being involved in a few new completed projects. Tier groups give a more accurate view of company's standings and allow us to factor in pipeline activity also.