Report 4: Completed Assets

Shows all fully constructed sites

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What is it?

  • Only includes completed projects.
  • Excludes projects not yet connected. These are provided in Report 3.
  • Includes ROC, CfD & large-scale FIT projects.

What will I see?

Solar Media Large-Scale Ground-Mount UK Completed Solar Farms
  • Columns A & B show the site reference number and the site name.
  • Columns D shows the final capacity of the site built.
  • Different phases are shown as separate entries.
  • Cells D1 to D4 show the site count and capacity, autocalculating based on the filtered sites chosen.
Site Owner & Lead EPC Contractor
  • Column F shows the current owner of the completed site.
  • Column G shows the lead EPC that built the site.
Development & Planning
  • Column I shows the original (greenfield) site developer that initiated the planning application process. Column J shows the original planners used.
  • Column K shows the final developer, either the same of the original developer or a company (such as Anesco or SunEdison) that may have acquired the site.
Site location, district authority & OS coordinates
  • Columns M to V provide a comprehensive set of geographic location entries, including 6-digit postcodes through to eastings/northings OS co-ordinates.
  • Planning district authorities are shown, in addition to the land classification (agricultural, former airfield, industry estate, etc.)
Completion dates
  • Columns X to AA provide convenient filtering columns for site completion.
  • Filtering can be done by date of install (column X) or by the month, quarter or calendar year (columns Y to AA).
Funding incentives
  • Columns AC to AE provide information on the intended funding mechanism (RO,NIROC, FiT or CfD) and the final funding channel at time of construction.
Component supply
  • Columns AG to AL show known suppliers of modules, inverters & mounting.
  • Technology is identified as c-Si or Thin-Film; Mono, Multi, CIGS, CdTe; estimated panel count is shown also in column AJ.
  • Column AN provides the last date of major row updating in the database.

Why Now?

  • Keep track of completed projects with the relevant developer, planners and EPCs behind the build process.
  • Find out if sites are still held by EPCs or which portfolio holders are currently owning the sites.
  • Get a full breakdown of sites held by the different asset holders of UK solar farms.
  • Find out the final completed capacity of the sites and relevant extension phases.
  • Understand the options for adding sites to existing portfolios, or for expanding post-EPC contract O&M business.
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